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Leadership During the Coronavirus Crisis

The COVID-19 crisis has placed many demands on business and organizational leaders (D'Auria & DeSmet, 2020). As a result of this pandemic, our leaders have been challenged to direct their organizations with a futuristic look. Why? Many office projects have been lacking and remain incomplete, and colleagues are absent from work duties, due to disease.

First leaders must recognize there is a work crisis.This pandemic occurred unexpectedly, and leaders cannot treat the crisis as a routine emergency. One possible course of action is to transfer all office-related work to work-from-home.

Leaders in this situation need to have a response plan that will look ahead to new developments and projects.

Consider the following recommendations:

1. Set clear priorities and empower colleagues to implement solutions that address these priorities, through a network of teams that deal with adjustments to the regular day-to-day business actions.

2. Grant certain colleagues, who really understand the environment well, and who communicate well with their colleagues, the task of implementing decisions in the organization.

3. Project confidence to all staff, that the organization will get through this crisis positively.

4. Collect continuously, by receiving from colleagues, any information, describing how the organization works during this crisis.

5. Show transparency and frequent communication with colleagues, so they understand the impact of the crisis on their jobs.

6. Show empathy to colleagues, and acknowledge the  personal challenges the crisis has incurred, on colleagues and their families.

If leaders approach their jobs in this fashion--all colleagues will feel respected and appreciated, and the organizational leaders will better manage their systems more effectively.


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