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Laws Against Bullying in Scotland

A new law has come into effect in Scotland that makes psychological #domestic #abuse and #controlling behavior a crime. There is a campaign in Scotland aimed at its citizens so that they will have a better understanding of these initiatives. It is called the Domestic Abuse Act passed by its Parliament in February 2018.

It takes into account 'the full breadth of #violent, #threatening, intimidating and other controlling behaviors which can destroy a #target's autonomy, and also takes into account the adverse impact #domestic abuse can have on children'.

What constitutes abusive behavior?

  • Making a partner dependent or subordinate

  • Isolating a partner from friends, relatives or other sources of support

  • Controlling, regulating or monitoring a partner's day-to-day activities

  • Depriving a partner, or restricting, freedom of action

  • Frightening, humiliating, degrading or #punishing a partner.

The offense is aggravated if this behavior is directed at a child. The last sentence of the article sums this up perfectly. 'This new offense is a clear warning to abusers that all forms of domestic abuse are criminal and that #perpetrators should expect to face the full consequences of their  abusive behavior.' It would be great to have such a law in the States.


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