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  • Clara Wajngurt

Japan is Tightening Measures on Workplace Bullying and Harassment

In Japan Today (May 30,2019), we read as 'Japan beefs up measures against workplace harassment' new regulations have been constructed 'to prohibit any mistreatment of workers' who have made allegations against co-workers in more senior positions.


Also included in these regulations are the discrimination of workers who claim to have been victims of sexual harassment. Now the regulations have added pregnant women, and women who have returned to work from maternity leave.

For the first time businesses in Japan must take preventive measures against managers and supervisors who have abused their power in the workplace.This includes 'excessive words and behavior by managers who take advantage of their superior positions and who harm the working environment.'

The government is working on setting guidelines and measures geared for companies, such as forming consultation programs and dealing with abuses of power.

It is now time for us to work as Upstanders!


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