• Clara Wajngurt

Is the silent killer of workplace happiness and productivity uncivil behavior?

People are feeling more and more disrespected at work these days. They work in 'toxic cultures with insensitive managers.'

Porath (2017) polled thousands of people about how they were treated at work and found the following:

In 1998 50% of employees at work were treated rudely.

In 2011 55% of employees at work  were treated rudely.

In 2016 62% of employees at work were treated rudely.

Then she found of about 800 managers and employers amongst 17 industries: 47% of those who were treated poorly, intentionally decreased their time at work.
38% of those who were treated poorly, said they deliberately decreased the quality of their work.
66% of those who were treated poorly, said their performance decreased.
78% of those who were treated poorly, said their commitment to their organization decreased.

She also noted that stress associated with incivility kills people and productivity:

  • 80% lost work time thinking about an uncivil incident.

  • 63% lost work time to avoid the offender.

  • 12% said they left their job because of uncivil treatment.

Leaders on your job set the tone and need to make the work culture more civil:

  • Interview for civility using structured questions about behavior.

  • Check references thoroughly.

  • Make civility part of your organization's values.

  • Engage your working team about a dialogue on civility.

If you are working in a rude environment do you really want to help, and collaborate with others?


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