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Is the Coronavirus Hysteria Turning You Into a Bully?

I read an interesting article written by Dr. Leah Hollis, a noted educator, lecturer and researcher. Coronavirus is essentially driving all of us crazy. Most colleges and universities have gone online in their teaching and learning, store shelves in grocery stores, have food that is disappearing, conferences and flights are being cancelled. Tensions are high, many people are not at their workplaces-where we don't have to worry about  controlling bosses and supervisors who are bullying their staff.

What we do need to think about, is being kind to others at this time-helping others who cannot go to the stores or who are compromised in their health. Empathize with those who are still working, and who may have exposure with those in the public. Be civil to people in your communities and speak kindly and respectful to others.

We don't want  to become bullies in this tense and panicky environment, but to speak to others with kindness and consideration.

What do you think?


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