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Increasing work productivity on the Job

Do you want to be sure that your office has the right environment to increase work productivity? If work productivity is maximized then you and your team can work more effectively together.

Consider the following factors that affect work productivity (Johansson, 2018):

Lighting - bright light on a regular basis has been shown to make people happier as well as reduce anxiety and depression.

Ambient noise - ambient refers to the immediate surroundings of something like your office-when you hear nearby conversations or listening to any distracting noises,  can impact on productivity.

Music - low to moderate volume music has been shown to have a positive effect on employee productivity--however we need to be sensitive to the type of music and level of sound when it comes to our office neighbors.

Air quality - poor air quality can decrease productivity-if there are sufficient air filters and therefore cleaner air-this contributes to better indoor air quality.

Temperature - the literature has shown that peak productivity appears to be 71 degrees Fahrenheit or about 21 degrees Celsius. However again we need to be sensitive to our office mates because what is an ideal temperature for one colleague is not an ideal temperature for another colleague.

Color - research has shown colors have different effects on employee morale and productivity. For example, blue is calming-helping colleagues to dissipate stress  and green dissipates eye fatigue.

Existence of plants - the literature shows that the existence of plants near you can affect work productivity, not only by enhancing the scenery around you, but  by increasing oxygen levels as well.

When we increase work productivity in these ways it is possible that the existence of workplace bullying  is decreased as well. 


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