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Incivility and Bullying in the Nursing Environment Must Stop

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

In the American Nurse Today (Grant, July 2019), we read that for many decades nurses did not speak openly on the job about incivility and bullying. If they did speak up, our mangers and supervisors would say, 'it's all part of working in a fast-paced, high stress environment.'

Now times have changed and more research is coming out, about incivility and bullying. Most nurses view such behaviors as workplace hazards. However such incidents still arise.

The article refers to two specific incidents:

An experienced nurse who claimed that a physician on her team exhibited unprofessional behavior towards nurses. A new, registered nurse contemplated suicide, after being bullied repeatedly by her peers.

The American Nursing Association's position statement on incivility and bullying reinforces the need to create cultures of respect and provide recommended interventions for nurses and other employees. We must end incivility and bullying in our healthcare environment by engaging top leaders in this  environment, to work together on committees and groups whose mission is to stop this behavior. By implementing effective strategies, and reporting incidents when they arise, we will try to alleviate such stressors in our healthcare environment.


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