• Clara Wajngurt

In the Age of Covid-19 Workers and Managers Come Together

The COVID-19 pandemic has shut down many businesses and it is thought that about 88% of workers (Meister, 2020) work from home. Microsoft has prepared a Guide to Working from Home (http://www.aka.ms/WFHguide-Customer).

This is what the manual suggests with respect to Remote Workers and Managers of Remote Workers:

For Remote Workers:

  1. Focus on well-being,eat well, exercise,etc.

  2. Do video calls so you establish an emotional connection between yourself and those you call.

  3. Set up your virtual workplaces in a comfortable place at home.

  4. Be inclusive when conducting meetings-encourage feedback and continuity from meeting to meeting.

For Managers of Remote Workers:

  1. Be transparent about workload and projects-give feedback-build trust.

  2. Communicate each day with your remote workers

  3. Offer online training to your colleagues

  4. Find a time to chat with your colleagues about non-work related issues- so your colleagues won't feel isolated.

  5. Invest company funds on building the technological background of your colleagues.

The future of our jobs in ensuring the well-being of our workers.

What do you think?

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