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Improving the Emotional Culture of Your Workplace

Mandy O'Neill from the George Mason University School of Business (McQuaid, 2019)  gave some suggestions on how to improve the emotional culture of our workplaces:

  • Intermittent surveys given to colleagues that reflect how people feel in the workplace about their jobs and themselves as they interact with others

  • Find opportunities that encourage one to get to know your team better-find out about their personal lives and experiences-what do they bring to the organization outside of the workplace.

  • Create micro-cultures if measuring the emotional culture  of your team is too great--start with a few people-work with your colleagues' positive emotions and try to spread this around

When there is a culture of positive emotions, in your work environment one is more likely to have improved performance and more innovative ideas. Negative cultures which include bullying and other toxic aspects lead to burnout, absenteeism, poor performance and high turnover. What is the emotional culture of your workplace like?


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