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How To Stop Workplace Bullying On Your Job?

We all want to stop workplace bullying on our jobs.It is negative behavior and detrimental to the team approach.Lets consider some of these ways to stop bullying(Murphy,2018):

Have an idea of how the bully looks --often workplace bullies are hard to identify. Often they don't yell, threat, belittle and sabotage. Sometimes the bully looks great on paper; excellent work, everyone seems to like the bully or is it they are afraid of the bully? 

When the bully looks good on paper, managers overlook their behavior and count it as good performance. We need to educate employers on how to recognize a bully.

Establish an accountable definition of workplace civility -make sure your organization has a civility statement and confirm that everyone knows that the civility statement exists.

Provide job training on workplace bullying -train your employees to create a more positive  work environment. Stay away from toxic environments. When bullying occurs in your job environment address it immediately -have the facts ready when they happen. Hold people accountable when bullying occurs. Be prepared when talking to the bully -know how to deal with the bully. You can't make people change--but one can empower others to enforce choices and consequences. Work to eradicate bullying and boost performance on the job.


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