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How to Stop Bullying?

In order to stop bullying amongst adults--we need to get to the root cause of such issues. How about stopping bullying amongst children? People say "children will be children." But with the rise of more visits to the school counselors' office and the rise in suicide rates amongst children something must be done quickly.

Let's consider some ways to reduce bullying in the schools: (Crisis Prevention, 2011)

1. Make sure your school has a clear definition of bullying - intentionally aggressive behavior that involves an imbalance of power exemplified through physical, verbal and non-verbal cues over a period of time.

2. Address specific behaviors - such as disrupting the classroom or harassing other students, not use labels like your child is a bully.

3. Set rules in a positive framework - so everyone knows which behaviors are appropriate-be consistent in enforcing these rules.

4. Reward positive behavior - this will help reduce bullying behaviors.

5. Maintain open communication with everyone - let people know you are listening to them.

6. Keep parents involved.

7. Look for warning signs - are the same children getting into trouble? Do you really understand what happened and why they behave this way?

8. Monitor the spots where bullying can occur - like hallways, cafeteria--often where there is no adult supervision.

If we can tackle bullying in our schools maybe this will decrease bullying in our workplaces.

What do you think?


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