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How to Recognize Toxic Employees - Part 2

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

We mentioned in an earlier blog that toxic employees exhibit behaviors that are very harsh and nasty to others.

Here are some ways to recognize toxic behaviors-these are behaviors that are exhibited over a period of time:

1.The person sees each assignment as a hurdle to complete- lacks motivation

2.The person manages time indiscriminately--missing deadlines, inefficient work habits- disorganized- wastes time doing other things online

3.The person takes off from work -being absent a great deal-takes a lot of sick days or comes to work sick

4.The person creates drama in the office-makes things more complicated than they should be-loud and distracting

5. Everything is seen as a struggle-complains often-lacks credibility amongst colleagues-disregards protocol- bullies others

6. Person may constantly say when a suggestion is made...'it won't work' or 'we've already tried this' or 'I don't like doing it this way.' 

We will look at how to handle someone who behaves this way in your work environment.

Do you know colleagues who exhibit toxic behaviors?


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