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How To Recognize Toxic Co-Workers

Have you ever been in a situation where you find your job to be so stressful because one of your colleagues makes life difficult for everyone else? Is it possible that this colleague makes your workplace so difficult, it just drains you completely, and impacts your work productivity? Perhaps you find that sometimes this person pretends to be your friend, and at other times undermines or bullies you in front of others.

Out of the job, you can avoid a person who exhibits toxic behavior -- but at work it is just not so easy to do this. What are some signs that you should look for, that will tend to make one think your colleague is exhibiting toxic behavior (Jobfinder, 2019):

They love gossip.
The secret know it all who appears to be a team player when the boss is paying attention, but when the boss is not looking, insists he/she knows everything and there are no other perspectives.
They act as if they have paid their dues because they have been at the workplace longer than their other colleagues-so why not let other people do the work.
They refuse to learn new skills, nor to grow nor to adapt.
They use peer pressure or any perceived influence to manipulate their co-workers and keep people from accomplishing a task--while they insist any success is due to their influence and not due to any collaborative, team approach.
They assign blame to others when things don't work out as planned.

Try to recognize if you work with colleagues who exhibit toxic behavior. If we cut down on toxic behavior, this will minimize the occurrence of workplace bullying.


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