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How to Find Another Job When One Has Been Bullied At A Previous Job

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

When one is bullied on their job, one feels a lack of respect and isolation from a work environment that could have been a productive one for them. All of a sudden you feel that the stress coming from your job outweighs the self-fulfillment you once had. Often you end up on medication for anxiety, depression, high blood pressure for any of an array of symptoms. You feel you want to raise a fuss.

Very often the solution may just be to leave this job and look for another one. In this way your stress levels will decrease and you won't have to face anyone on the previous job. In fact, you want to think ahead to a new job, a new life and to walk away from all this negativity.

When you come for the interview of your new job, be positive and feel good about yourself.

One of the interview questions may be, "why did you leave your last job?"

Here are some positive responses:

1. I was on this job for many years and wanted to experience a new work environment, so I can encourage my professional development.

2. I left for an opportunity to further advance my career.

3. I am very passionate about advancing my career. I have a great desire to learn and to take on responsibility.

4. I completed the project  that I was assigned on my previous job and have decided it was a good time to move on, as I re-evaluated my career goals and  looked for more challenges.

5. My former work environment was restructuring and I was employed on a short-term contract.

Do not say anything negative about your previous job, nor anything about not liking your job. Particularly do not refer to the fact that you were bullied on the job, nor it is a  political nor healthy work environment. Nothing about fights with your former boss, nor nothing about getting fired.

By keeping a positive outlook and moving ahead, you will find with your already established expertise, you will be eligible, for many job opportunities.


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