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How To Create a Culture of Inclusion In Your Workplace

Imagine you are the only female manager in the office, working in a mid-level management role. Your colleagues are men who are reporting to you. You work hard to create opportunities for everyone to succeed.Then you all come to an agreement that you need to hire new talent into the organization, for a specific aspect on your team project.

How do you make new employees feel welcome on the team? You do this by creating a culture of inclusion.

This is done by:

  1. Committing oneself to a clear purpose-a goal in which you declare that a culture of inclusion is being communicated.

  2. Rotating who runs the meetings-and by inviting a diverse group of colleagues to the meetings in order to create new perspectives.

  3. Engaging your staff from the perspective of your leadership and listening to their comments and suggestions-by involving everyone in the team project.

  4. Acknowledging biases and by working on eliminating them.

  5. Embracing differences and by encouraging your staff to share their personal experiences with the team.

Last honor a zero tolerance policy for disrespectful and 'un-inclusive' behavior (Graham, 2018).


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