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How Much Conflict Do You Have On Your Job?

Conflict is an unavoidable part of our lives On the job, conflict results essentially from the following five factors (Farrell,2014):

1. Leadership Conflict occurs when one boss can be open and transparent, and another boss follows who is more subtle in action.

2. Interdependency-based Conflict occurs when a colleague needs to rely on someone else's input to get a particular project completed. In this case we need to clarify the responsibilities of each participant working on this project so people are held accountable, and know what is expected of them.

3. Work-style differences Conflict occur when some people work well with a team approach, and others work well using an individual approach.

4. Cultural differences Conflict refers to a set of values, practices, traditions, or beliefs that certain groups share. It is important to respect and appreciate that co-workers coming from different backgrounds will experience their job responsibilities differently whether there are differences in age, race, ethnicity, religion, gender, etc.

5. Personality clashes occur because we have perceptions about the way someone will act. For example if a supervisor denigrates a colleague on a team, the team members may disrespect their supervisor, and the one who was denigrated will feel resentment, as a result of being denigrated by the supervisor.

Unresolved work issues result in job dissatisfaction, #depression, and #hopelessness. If our colleagues do not deal with these unresolved work issues, this can lead to acts of aggression, #workplace violence, bullying and resignation. In the long run, the organization will suffer from #absenteeism and increasing turnover rates.

We must help to create a positive and nurturing environment  at our workplaces.


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