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How is Your Supervisor Behaving?

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

I recently read an article by Andrew Graham on  Manager Misconduct. 

An effective manager would do well to avoid the following seven situations:

1.LYING-Managers who lie to their team, generate rumors that can erode trust and undermine credibility.Stay away from lying.

2.BULLYING- Managers who belittle their staff, create a culture of fear around them.Who can work in such an environment?

3.STEALING IDEAS-Some manages take credit for the ideas given to them by staff members. It is Important to recognize positive contributions from your staff.

4.PLAYING FAVORITES- Managers who favor certain people on their staff-work with an inner circle that disrespects staff members who exist out of this circle. Not a positive characteristic for accomplishing work deadlines.

5.NOT COMMUNICATING-Managers who fail to communicate their goals to their staff-confuse the members of their staff about where the team is going in the project.

6.MANAGING INCONSISTENTLY-When a manager does not follow through on a project this creates a climate of mistrust-and a manager who lacks integrity.

7.UNSUPPORTIVE-Managers who are unsupportive do not act in their team's best interests.


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