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How Does One Create Empathic Colleagues in the Workplace?

Empathy is an ability for one colleague to understand and share the feelings of another colleague. Very often we work with colleagues who can be uncivil and disrespectful.

It is important to listen carefully to one another and to show support. Also at the root of empathy is showing compassion for one another. When a co-worker feels bullied, stay away from being a bystander and work with your colleague who feels bullied. Try to encourage loyalty and productivity in your workplace.

How does one create empathy in the workplace (Barnhart, 2020) :

1. When your colleagues come to you with questions and comments, how well are you listening? It is not enough to be a good listener-but make yourself as available as possible to solve issues and concerns. Be proactive in solving problems.

2. Ask the right questions to get at the root of understanding what the issues are. It's not enough to say, "I hear you..What can I do to help?" Ask for details so you can help solve the problem with your co-worker. Get to the root of the problem and work on solutions proactively.

3. Try to put yourself in your colleague's shoes. If your colleague feels frustrated and is snapping back-tell them you also feel this way periodically. Diffuse the situation by offering to help work on this together.

4. Give people the benefit of the doubt. If a colleagues doesn't follow workplace policy, assume this person doesn't know.

5. Prioritize and stay organized.

6. Support your co-workers and stay away from critique and condescending comments.

In this way, we will value our areas of employment and look forward to coming to work each day.


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