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How Do you Know You're Working In A Toxic Environment?

How Do You Know You're Working in A Toxic Environment?

1. Your Boss says to you "you are lucky you have a job"! 2. When you feel you are left out of the loop - there is poor communication. 3. Everyone around you looks miserable - you know something is wrong. 4.There is always office drama-people talking and gossiping.
5. Do you feel like your meetings are a waste of time? Is there disorganized chaos in your department? 6. Does your boss try to control every move you do? 7. Do you just feel on the inside something is wrong? When you see bullying and harassment going on and people around you, keep quitting their jobs, and you feel anxiety and paranoia at work, it's time to think of moving out of your department. Don't you think so?

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