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How Do We Increase Work Productivity?

How do you accomplish everything you want to do each day?

Most of us have issues with work productivity because we have habits that are hard to break, and interfere with work productivity (like gossiping, doing non-work related activities, etc.)--we are also reactive rather than proactive in the office( we get bullied, we receive negative critique from our co-workers, etc.)

Here are some suggestions:

Focus on one work-related task at a time and give it your full attention.

Prepare a to-do list for the next day and check off what you've done. If you can share your to-do list with someone...that would be great! This way someone you trust also knows what you need to accomplish each day.

Cut down your to do list. If you are starting with 25 items on your to-do list-it will be harder to accomplish each task every day. If you want to be productive, focus on the most important tasks on your to-do list. Ask yourself how many of these tasks can I reasonably accomplish or make progress on tomorrow?

Delegate properly. If you assign a task to someone and then supervise each detail of this task while they are doing the task - that's micromanagement.

When you delegate.. you find someone you trust, who has the skills to do the job, so the job gets done effectively.

Eliminate distractions-focus on what needs to be done.

Break-up work periods with exercise or something you enjoy doing---especially some activity that enhances brain function.

Be optimistic-if you're happier on the job-you'll be more successful.

Getting enough sleep will have positive effects on job performance.

If you take care of yourself by following these pointers and staying away from people who exhibit toxic behaviors..or by learning to deal with people who exhibit toxic will not be the object of workplace bullying.


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