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Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Recently I read that Alana Van Gundy, professor of justice and community studies at Miami University in Ohio distributed a survey and asked faculty members how often they had witnessed or had been the target of 'aggressive behaviors.  Some of these behaviors could include eye-rolling, shouting, humiliation or rumor spreading.

Out of 830 people she received the following: 64% of the respondents said they had been the target of faculty incivility 77% of the respondents said they witnessed someone else being targeted. 71% of those targeted, reported the incivility or aggression to a colleague but 50% of the time the incivility or aggression continued in spite of the report . Nearly 50% of those targeted were tenured. 64% of those bullying had been accused of incivility or bullying in the past and nearly 44% of those accused of bullying in the past had been accused of such action five or more times. It is amazing that almost half of those accused of bullying have done the same action five or more times. Our educational system needs to look at each of the individuals doing the bullying and to educate them on the negatives of these actions- and to study mechanisms that can implement the end of bullying.

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