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How Can Leaders On Your Job be Effective in Raising Your Department's Morale and Productivity?

How Can Leaders On Your Job be Effective in Raising Your Department's Morale and Productivity?

Every manager in your workplace is pressured to achieve effective results. Today we are competing, moving forward and always expected to be the best in whatever we do.This pressure situation, and focus on getting the job done, can cause managers to bully their team for quicker and efficient results. Stay away from bullying by following certain tips.

In order for managers to do well it is important to not only emphasize results but also relationships. You want to inspire your team---so they can achieve success and accomplish their goals. Here are some tips(hurt & Dye, 2018):

1. It's about progress not perfection. Invest in leadership development programs so you can encourage mentors and leaders in your department.

2. Communicate clear, effective and shared expectations. What is the most important initiative your team can achieve this month? or this quarter? or this year?

3. Give your team direct feedback - so people know explicitly what to continue and what to change.

4. Ask you team 'what is working here that helps you to be productive? Listen carefully and respond to your team.

5. Take responsibility for errors. Apologize, address and move forward.

6. Keep your team focused.

7. Productive teams cherish trust, connection and collaboration.

Don't allow workplace bullying to thrive. Address this immediately.

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