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Guidelines for Harassment Allegations at Universities Should be Improved

Recently we read that the University of Oklahoma's President James Gallogly shocked everyone with an abrupt departure, just after ten months of being in this position of President. At the first Board of Regent's meeting in June, Gallogly said the University was in a financial mess, and he laid the blame for 'inefficiency and overspending' on the previous president David L. Boren.

David L. Boren  is a 78 year old former US senator and governor and a beloved figure in Oklahoma. However, soon it was discovered that  there were  sexual harassment allegations against Boren and another former administrator, the VP for university development. Gallogly has been found to criticize on many occasions, the prior administrative  leadership--and the Board of Regents is doubting that Gallogly can do an impartial investigation here. In this case it involves sexual harassment allegations amongst two men working at the university (Chronicle of Higher Education, May 27, 2019). The case is still pending. Our Universities need better guidelines for confirming and expediting sexual harassment allegations.


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