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Global Manifestations of Workplace Violence

Workplace Violence generally refers to interpersonal aggression, sexual harassment, bullying and other forms of discrimination and oppression occurring within one's workplace (Van De Griend & Hillinger, 2014). It is a global women's health issue and affects many areas across the globe irregardless of economic and social development. Its negative impacts have been researched in Australia (Hegney et al, 2006); Taiwan  (Wei & Chen, 2012), Ethiopia 

(Marsh et al, 2009), Brazil (DeSouza & Cerqueira, 2009) and of course the United States (Krieger et al, 2008). Women who are younger and who generally work in low-status jobs, and work in positions of lower social power, are at higher risk for workplace violence.

The following statistics were found:

A survey of female faculty and staff at Ethiopian colleges indicated 86.3% of those surveyed experienced abuse and sexual harassment in the workplace.

A survey of employed female adolescents in the United States showed 52% reported workplace sexual harassment.

In Taiwan, students between 7th and 9th grades found 20% of the girls had been subjected to sexual remarks or jokes and 5% were inappropriately touched in school.

In Southern Brazil it was found more than a quarter of domestic workers were  sexually harassed at work.

I will report on these statistics in greater detail in future blogs.


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