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Gaslighting Versus Empathy?

Bullying is about power and control. When bullies find a target for their terrorized behavior - the bully will do all it can to maintain their dominance and authority. This is all done at the target's expense. In the process of bullying the target, the bully may manipulate the target through psychological means, whereby the target doubts his/her sanity. This is called gaslighting.

For example: This can occur when the bully lies about some project and tries to convince the target that the target is mentally unstable and does not know the full picture or the bully will simply say to the target, 'I'm not bullying're overly sensitive.' This causes confusion, anxiety and shame for the target.

Assert yourself and confront the bully. Tell others about the bully 's behavior, so they won't be used as targets of the bully.

Let's encourage our workplaces to work in more empathic environments - so that the people who work around us have the ability to sense other colleague's emotions. In this way  we can better understand what our colleagues are thinking and feeling. This will definitely lead to more productive and healthy work environments.


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