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Enablers and Abusers in Faculty Culture

An article in the Chronicle of Higher Education (KA Amienne, November 2017) called 'Enablers and Abusers in Faculty Culture' brought to my mind what exists in the university faculty environment.

The fact is that the university is the harbinger for 'critiquing bullying, manipulation, coercion and control' wherever it exists in 'power structures, gender norms and injustice.'  But when a person like a department chair or Vice-President has the power to make or break someone else's career, there is abuse and bullying. As it is a well-known fact that guidance to an untenured assistant professor is needed for tenure, when the chair refuses to provide such guidance, for whatever reason the chair becomes both an abuser of the untenured assistant professor and an enabler of some sorts because the chair does not want to promote this professor if this untenured professor is a scholarly threat to the tenured chairperson.

More enabling is done when other colleagues in the department say nothing about this process.

We will talk more about this in the next blog.


"In today’s workplace, it is critical that employers create a work culture that rejects bullying, promotes reporting and promptly resolves any incidents of bullying.”

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