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  • Clara Wajngurt

Empowering Children Against Bullying

Bullying behavior essentially starts in preschool or elementary school. If we can stop bullying behaviors in preschool and in elementary school then I believe fewer bullies  will appear in our work environments.

So how do we empower our children against bullying (Ahaperenting, 2019) ?

Be  a model for respectful relationships for your child.
Be connected to your child at all times.
Let your child know which behaviors around him/her are correct.
Teach your child to be assertive and to stick up for himself/herself.
Teach your child essential social skills.
Teach your child how to recognize bullying behaviors.
Teach your child to intervene and to be an 'upstander' when they see bullying.

If we stop child bullying perhaps this will then reduce adult bullying.


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