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Employees with Toxic Behavior-How To Recognize Them

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

A lot of us work in competitive environments and sometimes, we work with colleagues who make us feel confused, anxious or angry when we deal with such co-workers. You speak to them and you feel disrespected, put down and sometimes you even feel like  'you're walking on eggshells' as you interact with them.

Sound familiar?

You know the less dealings you have with such 'toxic employees' the better it is for you emotionally and physically. But sometimes you have to deal with such colleagues. According to Bush (2017) a toxic employee is someone who has a 'pervasive and ingrained pattern of dysfunctional thoughts and feelings that contribute to behaviors that are destructive not only for themselves but for others. Often employees who exhibit toxic behaviors are not aware of their negative behaviors and its impact on others. Sometimes if the 'toxic employee' is okay about it-confronting them in a constructive manner like 'It's not helpful to say all of you are annoying' can be viewed positively by the colleague exhibiting such behaviors  But sometimes such co-workers may react defensively-like 'I never said this.' Even if they view your statement as critique about themselves, the co-worker can resort to bullying the person(s) who expressed this critique...and sometimes the bullying may have to do with the co-workers' position in the company.

We will continue with this issue in the next blog.


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