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Empathic Leaders Tackle Those Who Are Bullied

Empathy is the ability to experience and relate to the thoughts, emotions and experiences of others (Pressley, 2012). When your friend empathizes with you, your friend basically feels and thinks what you are feeling. In the workplace, when your colleague exhibits empathy towards others on the job, your colleague shows that he/she cares for others.

An empathic leader in the workplace is one who makes everyone feel they are part of the team. As a result of this feeling, the team will then exhibit positive morale and loyalty towards one another. When leaders are empathic, they like people, value people as individuals, and enjoy working with and helping others.

If an individual on your team has been bullied, the empathic leader will listen, will be open and will understand, what the one who is bullied feels. In this way the empathic leader helps struggling colleagues on the team to improve productivity on the job.

We need to encourage more empathic leaders in our workplaces.


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