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Domestic Violence and Coronavirus

A recent NYTimes article (April 6,2020) suggests with the lockdown becoming more encompassing in our homes, the existence of domestic violence in homes has become more rampant. When restrictions were imposed to keep the virus from spreading like, exhibiting social distancing,spending more time with your family, standing six feet away from one another, etc. It seemed clear, such tight circumstances could lead to more abusive environments, especially when there is already existing spousal abuse. As a result with more reports of bullying occurring between family members, more hotlines should be opening up. Our governments need to put women's safety, men's safety, and the safety of the family as priority, while we try to reduce this pandemic. We need to find ways for abusers to stop terrorizing their targets, and we need more health and human service officials to address such injustices. As we are quarantining against this pandemic, there is a widespread terror occurring for people who are being intimidated at home. More hotlines for psychological and physical mistreatment must be available-so help is on the way. We need more trauma experts to reach out virtually, to those mistreated by domestic abuse. The cycle of control, sabotage and bullying must stop and the abuser must be shut down, while the imprisoned environments of those affected at home by such degrading behavior, is broken down.


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