• Clara Wajngurt

Does Workplace Bullying Cause Mental Health Problems?

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

We already know that workplace bullying deals with situations where co-workers persistently focus on mistreating and abusing someone or a group of persons.

Very often the target or targets cannot defend themselves sufficiently so as to stop the bully from leashing out his or her behavior. The workplace bullying manifests itself in the form of unreasonable deadlines, meaningless tasks or excessive monitoring of work.

Sometimes, the workplace bullying deals with the target alone through needless gossiping

about the target, unleashing verbal hostility about the target or just persistent critique or social isolation for a target or group of targets. It clearly affects the target on a consistent basis so that the target realizes the effects of the workplace bullying on oneself and on others who see this action, on an almost daily basis.

As a result the workplace bullying felt by the target becomes a source of stress that is related to decreased health, lowered job satisfaction and work performance, and just a lack of commitment to one's job. Sometimes the workplace bullying can lead to drug abuse and other abuses. This means that the workplace bullying can lead to mental health problems for the target, targets or bystanders of the bullying. Hershcovis claimed then that workplace bullying consequences, abusive supervision, and interpersonal conflicts on the job undermine one's psychological and physical well-being but being expressed through turnover and decreased job satisfaction.

Lastly, they noted the association between workplace bullying and profound post-traumatic stress disorder and as a result we then see the actual relationship between workplace bullying and mental health.

The best attitude is to stay far away from the bullies who exhibit such toxic behaviors.

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