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Does Diversity and Inclusion Really Matter?

It appears that diversity and inclusion practices in your environment lead to more teamwork ,innovation and opportunities for all colleagues. An environment that is inclusive involves everyone on the team, and one that is diversified respects cultures and other differences.

Why are diversity and inclusion important for your business?

1. They are practices which relate to creating equal opportunities for all.
2. Business environments that embrace diversity have a more competitive edge in addressing new markets and new ideas.
3. If you don't embrace diversity "you'll get  behind" because you won't reap vital talent that is needed for the future of your business.
4. Diversity seeks talent from different sectors in our society so that your team is more representative of the outside environment.
5. By working with colleagues from different backgrounds--with different work experiences and working styles we learn to appreciate other perspectives. Diverse views help us  to make better decisions.

With a diversity and inclusion policy we can combat bullying incidents as well, so that people learn to work together in positive ways.


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