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Do You Enable a Toxic Work Culture Without Realizing It?

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

On your job--do you contribute to a toxic workplace?

According to Celia Swanson (2019) there are two types of team members at work-passive enablers and active enablers. Passive enablers are those colleagues who are unaware of what is happening at work. They mean well but are only focused on getting results.They assume the leaders in their organization are trustworthy and have similar values to themselves. On the other hand, active enablers see what is happening but fail to take action.They can best describe and document the problems in their organization. However, they are hesitant to speak up about what they see because they fear repercussions-or assume someone else will speak up-or say the situation is not that bad. It is very important to speak up and be an 'Upstander' on the job. If leaders clearly communicate what behaviors and actions are not tolerated, employees will be more empowered and held accountable for their actions. However, if you are afraid to speak up against a toxic work culture, there will be chaos and bullying on the job!


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