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Disabled People Impacted by Coronavirus

We know the coronavirus pandemic has caused upheaval for many populations and for many high risk groups. Sometimes social distancing cannot really occur when high risk groups need extra, individualized attention. There are financial impacts when jobs are lost and family members are not working. The psychological impact of the pandemic, affects the mental state of high risk groups because COVID19 can impact people with neurologic, genetic, metabolic and a host of conditions.

During the pandemic, disabled individuals find it to be a challenge to access medical supplies, especially when resources have become scarce. Social distancing causes the disabled individual to experience loneliness and social isolation. On the other hand, there is a generalized anxiety for everyone, as people are essentially in crisis mode, and paralyzed by a state of fear about catching the virus.

So it seems that the disabled person, who feels isolated, and does not access essential resources, is like a target who is bullied constantly and feels entrapped by one's work climate. The disabled person, on the other hand, feels entrapped by the general climate of the society suffering from the pandemic.

It is important to develop public health policies that reflect equitable and fair  treatment for those who are disabled. Online and high tech based learning platforms must be made available to accommodate our disabled population. We need to empower the disabled-especially during a pandemic.

Let's get together as individuals to improve commitment and collaboration that supports the disabled.


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