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Developing Leaders as Allies in Your Workplace

In general, workplace #discrimination, #workplace #harassment, #exclusion, #incivility and workplace bullying, are incidents that have detrimental effects on their #targets. Often organizational leaders act as bystanders to such mistreatment, and these actions have a further effect on the climate of the workplace. What is important when such incidents occur, is that managers and supervisors and other staff, should develop its organizational leaders into allies.

This means workplace norms should be adjusted by the organizational leaders, so that such forms of workplace mistreatment towards targets in the working environment, create an inclusive organizational climate. Leaders can become allies when there is a de-emphasis on people on the job, who feel unsupported and marginalized. When the organizational leaders become #Upstanders by creating inclusive environments as allies, they then offer support to all groups.

Organizations need to assess any barriers for creating #Allyships and the time it would take to change the organizational culture. It is important to have ally training programs so that #diversity training assessments affect outcomes at the organization more effectively.

In this way workplace bullying will be stopped.


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