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Dealing With Toxic Environments

I recently saw some posters dealing with toxic environments that I thought were very focused (Cole, 2019): 

Do You Work In  A Toxic Work Environment?

Does the thought of work stress you out?

Do you feel depressed or overwhelmed while you are working?

Do you have a hard time disconnecting yourself from your job when you come home?

If you answered 'yes' to these questions you may be working in a toxic environment.

Sometimes it's hard to tell if you work in a toxic environment or you just hate your job.

  • A toxic workplace will negatively affect your health.

  • It can make you sick.

  • You are more likely to experience depression.

  • You may feel less motivated in general to do anything.

3. Do you dread going to work?

  • Does your workplace come with internal politics or cliques?

  • Is your employer a revolving door where colleagues are coming and leaving?

  • Is there more gossip than open conversation?

  • Is there an absence of trust throughout the organization?

  • Do you feel uncomfortable disagreeing with your manager or colleagues?

  • Are you pessimistic when someone proposes a new idea?

Think about it-- bullying will thrive in a toxic environment. We can stop bullying by eradicating toxic environments.


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