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  • Clara Wajngurt

Dating Violence

The article from the Chronicle of Higher Education 'In Plain Sight-the Killing of a Student, One in a Growing List of Victims, Opened Her University's Eyes to the Unseen Danger of Intimate-Partner Violence.' At the University of Utah there existed a student who decided to call off going out with her boyfriend, but the problem was that he didn't go away. Instead he stalked her, sent texts from fake phone numbers -- after nearly two weeks of abuse -

the boyfriend shot and killed his former girlfriend in a campus parking lot. Then he shot and killed himself.

Intimate-partner violence, sometimes referred to as dating violence or relationship violence is a broad term that encompasses not only 'physical and sexual abuse but also psychological abuse like stalking or belittling.'

This type of violence is overlooked on college campuses and we must put more effort into understanding this type of violence so we can combat it.


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