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Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Cyberbullying is a form of bullying that uses technology. It can be done through the computer, smart phone devices or any form of electronic communication. It includes rumors, threats, inappropriate communication, or the  improper use of personal information about the target that degrades  and debases the target. Sometimes the cyberbully does this to elicit a reaction from its target, or just for unfortunate personal enjoyment on the part of the cyberbully.Most often the target cannot defend oneself as the actual action of sending and posting texts or images of the target intended to hurt the target, can be transferred quickly by electronic communication throughout all computers in the world. It can harass someone through repeated threats, sexual innuendos, ridicule, false accusations that humiliate the targeted person.

Cyberbullying occurs on social media sites-like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. and can involve passive aggressive postings on work sites, negative comments from clients in the corporate worlds or faculty and staff in the academic world. Particularly the Internet allows bullies to hide behind their computer screens, and to say things online that they may not say directly in person.

We need to create policies on the job against bullying and cyberbullying-more to say about this topic in another blog.


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