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COVID19 Usurps Bullying At The Workplace

It is well known that COVID19 can affect one's mental health. Working with a colleague who tests positive for COVID19 brings up feelings of fear, desire to isolate and sometimes even job turnover. So just knowing that an individual in my office tested positive for COVID19 can lead to social and economic inequities.

However, if my office environment is high stress and my boss is a bully, the COVID19 situation can exacerbate these stressors. Sometimes as a result of needs to social distance or isolate, the vice president can say. "we won't investigate the supervisor's bullying behaviors in the workplace". Conceivably an investigation could mean various parties coming together to research the situation-to talk to the target, bystanders and bully. "So it's better left undone", says the vice president as this investigation can compromise safety. As a result, this means the workplace could become rampant with more abusive behaviors, because no one really cares nor feels safe in the COVID19 environment to investigate and impose disciplinary action. All of a sudden the bullying behaviors have shifted in priority and the COVID10 issues have taken first place.

It is important for workplaces to provide health and safety protocols, so that our colleagues will feel comfortable and will trust their supervisors. Once these health and safety protocols are instituted we can then tackle abusive behavior through bullying prevention policies that will guide the workplace in the COVID19 crisis.


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