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Costs of Workplace Violence on the Job

I saw a great chart on the internet the other day, on the Cost of Bad Behavior in the Workplace (Civility Partners, LLC)...essentially(summary) when we have an unhealthy workplace-the following exists:

Going Up

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Discouragement

  • Physical Health

  • Absenteeism

  • Customer complaints

  • Wasted Time

  • Office Politics

  • Health Insurance

  • Litigation

Going Down

  • Quality of Work

  • Productivity

  • Job Satisfaction

  • Company loyalty

  • Company reputation

  • Internal relationships

  • Communication

  • Decision-making abilities

  • Innovation and Learning

  • Employee Engagement

Is this really worth it? Is it really worth it - if you don't meet your organizational goals or don't increase productivity or not have engaged, motivated and loyal employees?

Yes it is worth the effort to improve your communication and relationships on the job and to keep our co-workers engaged and interested! It makes the job more fun and we look forward to coming in each day. It not only reinforces my performance on the job-but when I get along with my colleagues I make better decisions and I learn more.

Don't we want to do this as our ultimate goal?

I would think yes-so let's work on eliminating bullying behaviors on the job!


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