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Coronavirus Police on University Campuses?

Boston's Northeast University dismissed eleven students recently for violating social distancing rules.The claim is the administration will not refund their tuitions of $36,500 each (Connelly, 2020). Students will be given a chance to appeal.

So this means that the Coronavirus police is actively out on campuses with students who are going to class on-campus, or who are staying at their dorms. The Coronavirus police is watching to see who doesn't follow social distancing rules.

Naturally we need to follow social distancing and wearing person protective clothes-including masks. But don't you think it is a bit harsh to dismiss these students from campus-especially if they don't exhibit Coronavirus symptoms?

What would be the case if a student was bullied by another student or staff member. Will the Coronavirus police watch the student who was bullied, more deliberately than others?


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