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Coronavirus Impacts On Education

The Coronavirus has changed our lives-social distancing,wearing masks,..and now... it has impacted education. Public, private and higher education have come to a crossroads by cancelling face-to-face instruction,  following with the remote approach to the teaching learning mode.This is impacting education on a global level.

With COVID19 around us, the state of education must do a comprehensive self-analysis in terms of whether to retain the lecture-based approach to teaching. Learning at home has become the norm with face-to-face video instruction. Courses that have labs, or courses that have arts or athletic components, are being forced to have innovative online approaches. It is clear that with the growing development of 5G telecommunications network formats, the approach to remote learning will become more prevalent, where virtual reality and live broadcasts become part of our coursework.

More educational partnerships are growing between the public sector and private sector--so that there is an increase in the formation of interdisciplinary partnerships. We need more access to technological equipment-because otherwise students who do not possess laptops, IPADS, internet capability,etc., will resort to learning from emails and more primitive forms of technology.

Our focus is to teach our students to be more globally aware, expert and creative problem solvers and adaptable to threats and pandemics.

In this way, with greater education and training, people will eradicate bullying and  other negative behaviors, so that we all live a more peaceful coexistence. 


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