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Coronavirus and Discrimination

Recently there was another amazingly heartbreaking article about a 

'Victim of a Possible Coronavirus Hate Crime (March 14, 2020). The target this time was a person who grew up in Hong Kong but has lived in the United States for almost 35 years.

About a month ago he was walking his ten year old son to a bus stop in New York City around 6:50 am. An angry stranger approached both of them hurling expletives at the father and son, and asked ,'Where is your mask?'

The aggressor continued with his verbal tirade and followed the man and his son to the bus that was already waiting to pick up children. As the man's son went into the bus, the aggressor hit the man on his head.

How can we learn to treat others with civility and respect? What do you suggest we do to help Asian Americans  protect themselves, and  teach others in our communities to show politeness and consideration?


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