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Coronavirus and Cyberbullying

As we continue to work from home in this period of social distancing, our remote work (Lashbrook, 2020) on the internet, is increasing. Our laptops  have become the venue for reaching out to the real world. However as we continue to use this technology, cyber-bullying is increasing.

The cyberbully appears in unprofessional messages from your colleagues, intimidating responses from your boss, and after-hour correspondence from your  team. At home, we are on call 24 hours, reading offensive emails and other possible verbal abuse, which can deal with sabotaging work responsibilities and isolating a target-the one who reads these messages and emails.

We react to the cyber-bullying, by refusing to do our work responsibilities-not opening up our laptops, and not answering our phones. We have difficulty sleeping and have poor physical health-not coping with day-to day activities at home.

We must encourage our workplaces to develop initiatives for sharing appropriate online behavior. Let's work together to reduce cyber-bullying during this pandemic.


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