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Coronavirus and Bullying?

I read an article the other day on 'Asian students fear bullying in reaction to Coronavirus ' in the South Florida Sun Sentinel (Travis, 2020). At the time this article was written in February, 2020, there were no confirmed Coronavirus cases in Florida.

However some Asian parents noticed that on social media, their children were being blamed for carrying the Coronavirus, because they came from Asian backgrounds and the virus seemed to have originated in Wuhan, China.

One Asian male teenager was verbally attacked and targeted by a group of boys of middle school age. When the target ignored the mob scene, the group of boys physically pushed and grabbed their target.

We, as parents and as educational leaders, must teach our children to be respectful and kind to others. Such irrational behaviors must stop. The fear and anxiety exhibited by others, and who project such attitudes onto Asian Americans, is absurd and unfounded.

Parents and educational leaders must arise and promote behaviors, and develop curricula, which are reminiscent of proper social values that reflect fairness, honesty, responsibility, and a love of community. Let's get moving with such changes in our society, and eradicate such aberrant behaviors.


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