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Connecting With Your Boss During COVID19

Do you feel you have a boss who doesn't like you?

Do you ever wonder whether you and your boss are on the same wavelength?  How do you improve your relationship between you and your boss especially during this age of Coronavirus? 1. Work on developing your boss' trust of you----ask your boss...      

  • What expectations do you have of me?

  • What areas do you think I need to work on?

  • On the upcoming project-what would you like me to emphasize?

2. How do you convince your boss that you're reliable?    

  • Can you show your boss that you have the experience to accomplish the task at hand?

  • Can you share with your boss your strategy for accomplishing the task at hand?

  • Can you prove to your boss that you are concerned about the mission of your organization-and want to move the department forward, towards what it wants to accomplish?

The idea is to connect with your boss in a confident manner, by engaging your boss in what you are doing at work. Capture your boss' attention by understanding your boss' interests and background, and showing you genuinely relate to the boss' interests.  In the age of COVID19, connecting with your boss is harder because you may be either working remotely trying to minimize quarantine situations if you or some member of your family tests positive for COVID19 or even arranging personal commitments that arise during this particular time. Make the effort to positively connect with your boss. This will undoubtedly help your status in the workplace.


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