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Combatting Stress: Induced Heart Disease

When one is bullied by a boss or co-worker-think about it-your heart may be affected. Statistics on victims of on the job bullying or violence, faced a higher risk of heart disease and stroke (Predt, 2018). It is suggested that if we could actually eliminate workplace bullying-then we would avoid 5% of all cardiovascular diseases. And even if you don't believe that workplace bullying directly impacts cardiovascular disease, it is a fact that bullying will exacerbate cardiovascular disease.

A study of more than 79,000 adult European workers in Denmark and Sweden aged 18-65 with no prior history of heart disease were surveyed. Nine percent reported being bullied at work and 13 per cent reported experiencing violence  or threats on the job in the passed year.

After some preliminary research the medical researchers found that those bullied, had a 59% higher risk of heart disease, than those not exposed to bullying on the job. In contrast, the European Society of Cardiology claims that people who were bullied everyday during  the last 12 months had a 120% higher risk of heart disease than those who were not exposed to bullying everyday.

Stress-induced heart disease must be stopped, by teaching our colleagues, stress reduction skills-including muscle relaxation, mindfulness skills training, cognitive behavioral skills training, biofeedback and yoga. This will calm 'your reactions in a hostile work environment.'

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