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Civility and Escalation to Workplace Bullying In the Classroom

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Workplace bullying lies on a continuum which starts with incivility escalates to workplace bullying and then escalates to workplace mobbing and violence. We will deal with workplace mobbing and violence in another blog. Here I would like to deal with faculty and student incivility in the classroom.

Those of us who teach in the classroom notice that our students are increasingly coming in late, sleeping in class, using their cellphones non-stop and often have discourteous exchanges with the professor. Certainly both students and faculty are responsible for these behaviors-students are not interested in the material, feel uninvolved and bored, and faculty have issues in  effectively managing their classrooms.This can relate to other workplace environments as well.If this is not dealt with immediately incivility can escalate to workplace bullying.

The professor must develop strategies to involve all of their students in the classroom discussions. Perhaps present more engaging lectures at a more moderate pace if the syllabus allows for this by getting all students involved in the learning process. Besides interacting more with the students in class and out of class, and communicate clear expectations for your students If we can stop incivility in our workplace environments, there will be no escalation to workplace bullying.

Does this apply to your workplace environment?

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