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Changes In Our Workplace Environments

Our work environments are changing rapidly and we should be attuned to such changes. The Forbes Coaches Council has focused on some outdated managerial practices (October, 2019): 

1. Our workplaces are becoming more 'virtual'--which means employees can work from almost anywhere. Some leaders have a mindset that if they don't see you in the office, then you are not working. Managerial leaders must focus on results, not on physical presence.

2. Forget the annual performance review! Business moves more quickly, so feedback should move along similarly. Give your employees feedback as often as possible. Instead of being a manager--become a coach and give ongoing feedback. In this way your team can make immediate improvements to their work.

3. Competency use to be a way to assess knowledge. But when someone is competent in one area they may miss the full picture and are then less open to innovative changes.In today's marketplace 'agility'--the ability to move quickly and easily and the capacity to understand fully has become more pronounced.

4. Today we prefer more immediate communications . We use social media, texting and engaging our colleagues via mobile tools. The idea is to stay in touch, engaged and to provide real-time feedback.

5. Stop focusing on weaknesses. This makes it harder to achieve effective results. Concentrate on strengths, and work with these characteristics on your team. Develop a positive attitude to work.

6. Command and control leadership was effective when certain individuals were accountable for producing certain results. Now we are looking for shared leadership and collaboration. Teams now have multiple leaders with a shared purpose. A leader will demonstrate to the team that it's okay to make mistakes, especially when we are sincere and accountable to one another.

7. The idea is to appreciate different viewpoints and encourage animated discussion - not to seek full consensus from your team.

These changes to our workplace environment should decrease workplace bullying.

Don't you think so?


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