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Can You Talk to Your Boss Freely?

Joel Garfinkle(2017) in his article describes 'How to Have Difficult Conversations When You Don't Like Conflict". When one avoids a difficult conversation this can impact on your social relationships on the job and off the job.

Here are some pointers on how to deal with this situation:

Start from a place of curiosity and respect, and stop worrying about being liked. People who avoid conflict with someone they must speak to are often worried about how they appear to others. Respect their points of view and assume they are collegial (you have no reason not to expect this) and they will respect your perspective.

Focus on what you're hearing, not on what you're saying. People who shy away from conflict think obsessively about what they will say.Take the pressure off yourself. Mention your ideas and then pause. Be interested and be proactive.

Be direct. Address uncomfortable situations head-on!  Get right to the point! If you have a honestly, so that you create a mutually respectful relationship. If you generally have a conflicting culture, sometimes directness may suffice, be polite - keep an open and non-threatening communication style.

Don't put it off. Have the conversation as soon as possible if not right away. Plan the outline of what you want to say and the outcome you expect.  Keep the conversation productive and free from any harassment or bullying language. 


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